Frequently Asked Questions

Where are the paintball fields?

We represent over 100 participating paintball parks throughout the United States. Visit our Parks page for a complete up to date list.

What do the tickets cover?

They cover the admission to the park, with all day yse of the fields and equipment rental (semi-automatic gun, face mask and goggles). The customer needs to only pay for their ammo (500 paintballs and C02 or compressed air).

How much is ammo?

It varies from park to park, but the average cost is 3-5 cents per ball ($15 - $25 for 500 balls). Some parks include the cost of C02 or compressed air in the cost of their paint, while others charge a nominal all day air fee ($5 - $10).

What does it normally cost?

The average cost of admission to a paintball park is $20 - $25 and the average equipment rental charge is $10 - $15. After paying these expenses, the customer still has to buy the ammo. The average customer pays $60 - $70 for a day of paintball if they don't have our passes.

When can you use the tickets and when do they expire?

We do not put expiration dates on the tickets. Each ticket is good for one person for one day of open play. Since most of all of our 95+ participating parks offer open play on Saturdays and Sundays, the tickets are good for open play on those days. If a park has open play hours on weekdays, they usually accept them, but you might want to check with the park to make sure.

Can these passes be used for a private party?

No. They are for open play only. While some parks do not require reservations, you may want to call ahead to assure the availability of rental equipment. If your group is 10 or more, you definitely want to call ahead, so that the park can accommodate you quicker on your arrival.

What are the age restrictions?

Players must be 10 or older. Players 10-17 must gave a waiver signed by a parent. The parent can either do this at the park or can download and print out the waiver from the park's website and send the signed copy with their child.

Additional Questions?

Contact Craig at or at 773-934-3714